Help A Stranger – Please

The story of the Good Samaritan is probably one we’re all familiar with. A man is left beaten, bruised and bloodied on the side of the road. He’s walked past by two people, before a third person, a Samritan walks by, and helps the injured person.

Well, I need some of you to be a Samaritan momentarily.

Those who have read my past blog posts will have seen I’ve had my struggles since the blog began. The last couple of years has been plagued with a feeling of self-worthlessness, depression, anxiety, and at times thoughts of suicide.

Luckily, I’m in a better place. I fought back and won. But I didn’t do it on my own.

I used a local counselling service in my area, Aire Wharfe & Craven Counselling. I approached them at my lowest, after nearly attempting an overdose, as a last resort. I was assigned a councillor David, who has changed my life.

To have somebody there to listen, and empathise, changed everything. He allowed me to look in a mirror and reflect why I was feeling like I was, and together we tackled how we could change this, and get me back on my feet. The important bit there is we, not me.

This service saved my life. I feel somewhat born again. So I’ve made the decision to run the Great Manchester Run on the 20th May to raise funding for them, a gruelling 16 mile trek.

As a charity, they cover some of the cost of the sessions, as we all know going private costs a ridiculous amount of money. They help people who might be desperate for care, might want to end their lives, might hate themselves, who might not get out of bed. The funds I raise will look to help these people afford the care they so desperately need.

So, you’ve never met me. Well this is me, so you know you’re speaking to an actual human being. (The handsome chap on the left)


Be that Good Samaritan. Help a stranger. You could be helping somebody get counselling that might change their lives. It might stop them attempting suicide, and live a happy life. 

So please, click on the link below, and give what you can to a charity with the sole purpose of giving those in need a helping hand.

“Be the change in the world you want to see”


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