The usual weekly routine for human beings in this very strange world we live in, is to live for the weekend.

Thank fuck it’s Friday. Packing up your shit at supersonic speed and heading out of the office, maybe with intentions which only really revolve around getting fucked up.

Wake up Sunday with the mother of all hangovers, binge on Netflix, few Snapchats to let everybody know you may die, and that you’re dreading the impending Monday, aaand repeat.

In truth it’s boring as. Maybe you don’t have an alcohol dependency and take the moral high grounds with doing more active tasks.

“I’m far more mature. I can’t wait for the weekend to hike in the beautiful outdoors. #Fresh” you gloat to your 344 or so Twitter followers. But still Sunday will come and you’ll have the same irrational sense of despair at the approaching Monday. So you’re just the same to be fair, just a little more pretentious perhaps.

Why do we need to live our lives writing five days a week, only to really want to feel alive for two days of a weekend?

Why has Monday developed this reputation of being 24 hours of our lives that we simply despise?

Based on the average life expectancy of 80 years in the UK, if every Monday we have in 80 years is wasted, that’s an astonishing 99,840 hours of our lives wasted. That equates to be roughly eleven years of your life. Jesus Christ.

Imagine in your final moments if you were to be reminded that you’d in fact wasted 11 years. What could you do with your eleven years?

I see countless expressions of dismay at returning to a job you hate on a Monday.

Don’t like your job? Quit moaning, and get a new one. Don’t trap yourself in a routine that is both unfulfilling and soul destroying.

Stop eating shit, stop slobbing around after a working day that drains you, exercise more, and cut the bullshit.

What is it you really really want to do? Do that.

Find a job that pays the bills but doesn’t take away what should be laser beam focus on achieving your designated goal.

Me? I wanted to write a book. That was the dream. So I walked away from a job in 2017 that bled me dry. Okay I’m still trying to find my way, but that book is well on it’s way.

Use your Monday’s, as the rest of your week to work towards your goals.


Don’t waste your five days of your life praying to be somewhere else, doing something else.

Thank god it’s Monday, another 24 hours to go and get it.

Not a 24 hours to spend on the mother of all comedowns.


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