We all have them, a day of silence, of reflection. A day where you’re off work, with nothing else to do but fester and mull on your existence to date, quite frankly.

A lie-in that stretches to about mid-day, a breakfast/lunch that constitutes of either leftovers from the previous evening, or chocolate. Or both, dependent on the extremity of your particular case.

A day to binge on Netflix, and unfortunately binge on your own thoughts. Where old regrets come out for another swan song, and thoughts of ex’s tease your distracted mind.  A day for procrastination, for refreshing our many timelines every 5 minutes or so.

A day where the world keeps on turning, and your exclusion from it’s day to day running isn’t missed in the slightest.

It started so promising. Gym, clean the house, be productive. But even your second packet of Oaty Knobs judges you, as you look to tuck in with your 8th cup of Yorkshire Tea.

A day where you vow, at around 4pm after not leaving your bed all day, things are going to change. You fire up the laptop and decide you’re going to pursue that hobby, or make that career change you’ve been pining for.

Ultimately though, this short lived, temporary display of drive will fizzle out, and you’ll return to your 9-5 in the morning.

Your bed will then claim you back, and once again you’ll be flicking through and commenting how shite the “Top Picks For You” category is, on your old pal Netflix.

The truth is, sometimes we need days like these, the Mental Health Day.

It’s sometimes a requirement to take the mask off,  and remove the armor we don in our day to day lives, and just deal with yourself. Lick the wounds, form plans that are fueled with good intentions.

Sometimes a day where it’s acceptable to have three meals of Nutella on toast, is chicken soup for the soul.








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