Dinner For The Dead

Domino’s have sent you one of those annoying text messages alerting you to some ridiculous offer they’re running. You cave, so you’re decided to have a few round for tea. You’ve come to the realization however that you actually don’t like anybody that is presently living, and decided with some weird magical power to bring a few figures back from the dead. As you do.

So who do you pick, if you had the chance to bring back any five human beings that have passed on, who would you have round.

I personally would have the following:

Steve Jobs

Eccentric, ingenious, insane. 3 words that pretty much some up one of the greatest entrepreneur’s of our time. It would be an honour to share a table with the infamously short fused founder of Apple, and no doubt hear him voice his opinions on how shite my cooking is.

I’d love nothing more to pick his brain into the turbulent, incredible journey that took a geeky teenager from a Californian garage, to the brains behind an organization that changed the world we live in forever.

His speech below, at Stanford University, is for me one of the most motivational pieces of dialogue I’ve come across, and I still listen too it frequently.

“Stay hungry, stay foolish, and don’t settle.”


Muhammad Ali

The self proclaimed greatest. It would be hard not to have arguably the greatest boxer to have ever lived attend proceedings. The talk, the charisma, the swagger. But also the kindness, the generosity, the modesty. A man who changed the face of sport with his fists, whilst also changing the face of our society with his words.

It really would be something to experience the aura of Muhammad Ali, and the hear some of his gently spoken stories of a truly incredible lifetime.

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks, will never accomplish anything at all”


John Steinbeck

My literary hero. A man who’s words paint the picture of the people, and pull no punches in the way Americans were treated in the early 20th century. His work both shocked (“The Grapes Of Wrath”), whilst also offering gentle philosophical  musings (“East Of Eden”).

A thoughtful, intellectual, unique genius whose conversation would be valued over a post dinner whiskey or two.

“If you’re in trouble, or hurt, or in need – go to the poor people. They’re the only ones that will help – the only ones”


Charles Dickens

Another literary giant. I’m truly fascinated by everything Victorian, there’s just ultimately something romantic about it. Charles Dickens work screenshots one of the most revolutionary periods in modern Britain, as his work explores the hardships and injustice of Victorian rule.

By all means he brought the life to the party during his time according to reports, so I’m sure he’d be an interesting addition to the dinner table.

“Nobody is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of others”


Robin Williams

A relatively easy final pick, and a man I miss fondly, despite not actually knowing him. Like many of this blogs demographic, I grew up with Robin Williams work.

Flawed by mental uncertainty, his life is a case study of how those who display the biggest grins tend to hide the biggest frowns. I’d love to howl with uncontrollable laughter at his manic like comedic prowess, yet also assure him that the affect he had on millions is a legacy that will never be questioned.


“You’re only given one spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it. “




So, there’s my run down.

A combination of fine conversation, and entertaining personalities.

Comment with your chosen five, for nothing but pure curiosity.

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