So its 1am on a Sunday morning, and yet again I’m attempting to seek moral trepidation in the form of an animated Disney film by the name of The Lion King.

The truth is, the Lion King is more than just another Walt Disney production, created to keep our children occupied as we juggle the trials and tribulations that come with raising them. I say “our children”, however I can confirm I currently do not have the pleasure of such a burden. Thank fuck.

So what is it about the Lion King? You ask many to list their favourite Disney films and Lion King, more often than not, seems to top it. Apart from the dead weird hipster, attempting to be edgy and remaining adamant it’s Mulan.

Lion King was released in October 1994, my own birth was October 1993. For myself it’s tied heavily to my childhood. I’ve watched it as a child, and become engrossed in the animals and the musical numbers. I’ve been a moping teenager and symbolically attached Mufasa to ghosts of my own past. I sit here now, a 23-year-old who now appreciates the sentiment oozing from every crevice of Pride Rock.

The truth is, it genuinely is the greatest animated film of all time. It’s playful yet potent. It’s charming, yet sincere. It teaches us that it’s actually okay to go off track. You’ll eventually get yourself back on the right path. With the help of a meerkat and waterhog, obviously.

“Remember who you are, you’re more than you have become.”

There’s something idyllic in the story of the “circle of life”. In a world where monetary amounts in bank accounts outweighs our ties with nature, it’s picturesque to watch a story unfold in the isolated haven of the African savannah. A parable with morals applicable in modern-day suburbia, set in the tranquil beauty of the outback.

My Simba stuffed teddy, purchased from the Magical Kingdom itself, still finds itself as an integral part of my bedroom setup. Alongside a Star Wars canvas and a Catfish & The Bottlemen poster. Quite the contrast in decoration, I know.

It’s recently been confirmed that 2019 will see Disney continue their current trend of turning animated works into live action remakes. To be clear, I aint too happy about this. The Lion King is a piece of work that should be left untouched. Like “Taken”, the original “Itallian Job”, and Jake Buggs debut album.  The only exception being the live stage performances of recent years, which were nothing short of incredible. Even the sequels that followed somewhat diluted the impact of the original.

So to summarize, The Lion King to this very day remains entrenched in the DNA of us 90’s kids. It’s the reason for most we began to form such a strong affiliation with everything Disney. It’ll forever be in our top 5’s. We’ll one day begin the journey of attempting to force feed our offspring its genius, along with milk and Rusks.



Right then, Rusks, I’m now off to buy some Rusks.





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