Netflix & Chill. A phrase which has now cemented itself in the lives and minds of the younger generations. The word “chill”, is obviously open to interpretation. However we can safely say you’re not sat with a member of the opposite sex with your arms and legs folded.

No doubt there will be children brought into the world as we speak, unaware of the fact that they were actually conceived during re-runs of The Office. We all have that “safe” programme, or film of choice, that goes on when you have more sinister, slightly perverse intentions. Something easy to watch, something you don’t want your other half to get into too much, so your attempts of seduction aren’t disrupted with fucking questions about who killed who.

(Avengers, any form of Frankie Boyle stand up set, or Only Fools & Horses usually does the trick)

But despite being the soundtrack of our sex lives, Netflix actually does play host to some of the best shows around. Here’s my pick of the best. Which I advise actually getting into, and not just to stifle the noises of your seduction.



Getting into this tv show, changed my life forever. Not an exaggeration. I’m more invested in this US drama, than I probably am with my own mother. It tells the tale of Mike Ross (Patrick Adams), a part-time courier and weed dealer, depicting how he manages to con his way into a top law firm, with not a single law qualification to his name. He does however posses an incredible photographic memory, which manages to impress a partner at the firm, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). One of the main reasons I continue to watch to devote my life to this show, is because of Harvey Specter. I have never been more attracted to a human being in my life.

Suits main attraction for me is its wit. Some of the dialogue between the characters has me in absolute tears. In particular its references to modern culture, an example being the hysterical Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) and his references to Game Of Thrones in an office environment. This is as well as the absolute soul stealing drama, which again has me in tears. I challenge you to not become emotionally invested in the day-to-day running of the New York law firm that is Pearson Specter Litt.


House Of Cards

A show that has won Emmy’s, Golden Globes, the lot. House of Cards tracks the progress of US politician Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) as he deviously, shockingly, and sometimes brutally, winds his way up the political ladder, with wife Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). This is arguably some of Kevin Spacey’s best work, as he keeps the viewers on his side, occasionally pausing to talk directly down the camera to you. Making you feel party to the simply horrendous acts taking place.

A basic grasp of American politics wouldn’t go a miss, as the brilliant complexity of some of Frank’s schemes can sometimes catch you off guard. However when you get to terms with the devilish evil displayed by the congressman, you’re hooked. It’s the closest thing a television show can get to an addictive Class A narcotic substance.



Blood, blood, and the occasional amputated limb. A bizarre introduction but that in essence is what we’re looking at here. Dexter tells the story of Dexter Morgan (Michael C Hall), a blood splatter analyst with a dark, ironic secret. He himself is a serial killer.

It sounds a farfetched back story, but it works. You become engrossed in the life of a serial killer, as he examines, and takes tips from the work of other killers. The mad thing is, he becomes your little mate. Many a time my eyes were wide in exasperation as a threatening body looks to catch Dexter out. Overall a great, gory journey that I thoroughly recommend.


Peaky Blinders

The current top dog in the field of British television. This BBC drama has inspired haircuts up and down the country, and persuaded many an Englishman that the dreaded Brummy accent, isn’t actually that bad.

It follows the story of the Peaky Blinders, a notorious Birmingham based gang , who run an illegal backdoor bookmakers, just after the end of the first world war. Their leader Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) wins’s awards for coolest, best dressed, best looking, villanous fictional human being known to man. Tom Hardy even makes an appearance as the gang look to extend their dominance further than just the streets of Small Heath. Impeccably dressed 20’s gangsters, Arctic Monkey’s on the sound track, lots of whiskey, and flirtations with the Russian Revolution and Irish Independence. Where do I sign.


One thing I plead though, is please watch them. Do not give your partner the lustful, longing, slightly creepy bedroom eyes, before the opening credits roll.



  1. Suits! Yes! God, I love that show so much and have been recommending it to friends (and basically anyone who will listen to me) for ages now. I mean, Harvey and Donna, they are perfect. And they’re not even together. Now THAT is what I call a good show haha. Also, Louis is just amazing and deserves all the credit he gets. He’s hysterical and hilarious. Great piece! I need to check out Peaky Blinders as soon as possible because it sounds right up my alley.

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