So following the emotional rollercoaster of attempting to condense Oasis’ vast music catalogue into just 5 favourites, I’m back to put myself through yet more turmoil as I attempt to do so with Yorkshire’s very own Arctic Monkeys.

Admittedly, I’m pussying this one in a sense. As we all know Alex Turner’s boys have 5 albums released, so I intend to cherry pick a track from each album as opposed to pouring over the entire, absolutely genius, back catalogue. Kop out, I know.

Whatever People Say I Am That Is What I Am Not

I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor.

Vastly overplayed. A part of me didn’t really want to include this, but it’s the anthem of a generation. It’s the lyrics that forced this into the top spot for this record. Any songwriter who rhymes “Montague’s and Capulet’s” with “Bangin’ tunes ‘n DJ sets” needs knighting on the spot. An absolute classic that causes pure chaos, and flailing bodies, on nights out up and down the country.



Favourite Worst Nightmare

Old Yellow Bricks
Absolute choooon. That drum beat though. This anecdotal number dedicated to good ol’ Dorothy is rather understated. It was given a new breath of life though as the band wheeled it out for their most recent AM tour. Exciting, catchy, haunting, and superb vocals from Mr Turner.





Absolute no brainer. This beautiful anecdote describing a post break up mood is something the majority of people can relate too.

“I elongated my lift home, yeah I let him go the long way round. I smelt your scent on the seatbelt, and kept my shortcut to myself”

A line that encapsulates the very wit, charm, and how one can relate to the words of Alex Turner.

If that’s not enough, we get to see him communicate this to us through the medium of interpretive dance in the video.


Suck It & See

That’s Where You’re Wrong

Any Arctic’s fan I converse with seems to absolutely slate this album. It’s not as in your face as its predecessors, but it’s still a gem. It’s like what Be Here Now was for Oasis.
Anywho this track is the last number of the record. I’ve always had a personal affiliation with it. It’s a typically laid back Arctic love song.

“She looks as if she’s blowing a kiss at me and suddenly the sky is a sizzler”

It’s the type of track I one day envisage driving down Route 66 too, with Raybans on and a dead cool haircut. One can dream, as the male pattern baldness will have taken over by then.



No. 1 Party Anthem

Incredibly difficult for the last one. AM is an absolute masterpiece, with its seductively swaying hips provoking you to reach into your back pocket for a comb.

No.1 Party Anthem it has to be though. Again, lyrically divine. It depicts the tale of the angst of bumping into *that* girl at a social gathering.

It’s mellow, it’s laid back, and it’s my lifetime ambition to slow dance with a girl to this in Mojo.


Disagree with any of these? Let me know, we can sit down and debate, and ultimately decide that you’re wrong.


  1. I just found your blog and as a self-confessed Arctic Monkeys obsessive, I had to see what your top 5 was. I can’t say that I agree with you entirely, (That’s Where You’re Wrong… really?) but I’m pleased to have found someone else who has good taste 😉 Have you heard the soundtrack for Submarine by Alex Turner (of AM)? The version of Piledriver Waltz is definitely worth listening to.
    I love your blog by the way, if that wasn’t apparent already. x


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