This is a feature I’m keen to get going on the 23. An insight into the very hearts and soul of its readers. A persons music library can tell you a lot about whether a person is dead sound, or a borderline sex offender. The first victim of this social experiment is – myself.

Now those who know me well, know I have a very acquired taste when it comes to music. So I’m going to dive in the deep end, open my closely guarded playlists, and try persuade you all I’m not at the brunt of some Rolf Harris-esque investigation.

So. Here are the first 5 tracks on my iPhone library shuffle …



  1. Phil Collins – True Colours.

Okay, this is a terrible start to proceedings. But yes, I do not mind a bit of Phil Collins. A childhood spent in a Ford Fiesta with my mother blaring some copied cassette out unfortunately became engraved into my 10 year old soul. I suppose some may say it was a form of childhood abuse. But my response is simple. The Tarzan soundtrack. You can not watch that film and not think Phil Collins is not a musical genius.  End of discussion.

Phil collins

2) Untitled – Mumford and Sons

Right, now we’re talking. Those that aren’t really fans of Mumford and his offspring, something to blow your mind. This track, is “I Will Wait”, without the actual “I Will Wait”. This little gem of a B-side was originally on “The Cave” EP,  however adding those 3 little words took it from EP obscurity to number one smash hit. The fucking sell outs. But seriously, give this beaut a listen.


3) Moving To New York – The Wombats

Again, I’ll take that. A track bringing back echoes of my unfulfilled, misspent youth. Days of casual sex, house parties, uncontrollable gambling, and days off sick after a night with the lads. Nothing really changes.


4) The Foggy Dew – The Chieftans

Now, I could have easily excluded this and moved on with my life. But that’s not how this shit work. Yes, I have Conor McGregor’s entrance music, on my gym playlist. On a serious note, I do like my Irish music, and this is an absolute classic depicting the tale of the Easter Rising. But yes, I do like to do the McGregor strut round the gym.


5) Go All Night (feat Jennifer Hudson) – Gorgon City

Yeah, I have zero idea how that got in there. I tend to get giddy before holidays and transform into a resident of Space. When I’m not, I’m really not. I couldn’t even tell you how this one goes.


So that’s me. The weirdest combination of tracks imaginable, and has certainly provoked me to have a spring clean at the earliest opportunity. That selection is completely not reflective of my personality, although I feel I’ve done no favours to my already waning reputation.

So, that was the 5 Track Shuffle. I’ll be no doubt asking you to take part in the near future.

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