The Force Is Strong, With Corbyn.

A long time a go in a galaxy far far away …

I suppose you could produce a summary of this snap General Election in the format of a Star Wars synopsis. Theresa May playing her role spendidly as the Emperor himelf, and Jeremy Corbyn, with his quite startling resemblance to Ben Kenobi, seeking to lead a rebellion on course to seize control of the country. It would now appear that what was once regarded as the unspeakable, is in fact very much at the forefront of today’s political discussion, as I ponder, could Labour actually do it?

Ben Kenobi
Jeremy? Or a Jedi in disguise?

Today saw Mr Corbyn unveil his Labour parties manifesto to prying eyes across the land. For those less acquainted with the term, it’s sort of like him standing on a cliffs edge, with two slabs of stone raised above his head, engraved on each his plan to take the country forward, should he get your vote.

Unsurprisingly Corbyn has stuck to his role of Robin Hood, as he looks to alleviate the pain felt by those who are stranded at the bottom of society, at the expense of those languished with luxury at the top. The policies he is looking to introduce will revolutionise British politics, and shift the paradigm the country currently holds away from an “elite 5%”, and then the rest of us; to a system that works for many, and not the few.

His key policies include:

Renationalizing the railways

Attempted to book train tickets recently, only to find it’s probably cheaper to book a first class return to Vegas?* Well Corbyn intends to renationalise our railways. In essence ensuring they are owned by the state, and attempt to quell the astronomical prices our countries commuters have to endure. This is already the case in most European nations such as France, where the state owned SNCF run the nations raliways. Preventing private comapanies charging ludicrous prices, as we have seen in modern day Britain.

*Disclaimer: I can confirm a first class return ticket to Vegas is currently £6522.29, it was merely literary exaggeration.

No “bogus targets” in relation to immigration

A quite refreshing potential policy. Hopefully we can see the amount of scaremongering, particularly from our media, begin reduce to a mere background murmur with this particular approach. The absolute stroke of genius line of “the immigrants have come over here, taking our jobs”, will hopefully be on borrowed time.

 I did just describe discrimination of our foreign nationals as a stroke of genius, because it is. The elites gave birth to that mantra, as it trickled into the publics conscious not too long after the financial crash of ’08. Was it the bankers fault who’d driven the country’s economy into the abyss? No. Was it the institutions who had turned a blind eye to the corruption and wrong doing? No. Was it the immigrants, who had sought refuge on our shore in search of a better life who bore the brunt of our frustrations. Yes. We are now more divided than ever, and seem to be pointing the finger at our neighbours of varying ethnicity’s as opposed to the establishment. Which is where the real treachery lies. Remember when some psychopathic bloke, with a moustache, once conned the public that it was the Jewish community who were to be blamed for the failings of his nations economic downturn …

Admittedly the world is a terrifying place at the minute. The emergence of ISIS and their devastating, random, lone wolf attacks have caused panic, and chaos across the world. But adopting a sensible, realistic approach to immigration will be a breath of fresh air. As opposed to a more headless chicken-esque style way of thinking, which was arguably on the minds of voters during the EU Referendum, resulting in Brexit itself.

The result of state propaganda.

Supporting the Trident Nuclear Weapon Renewal

Much has been said regarding Jeremy Corbyn’s stance on national defence. His reluctance to commit to a renewal of our nuclear weapons programme has rung alarm bells for voters across the country. It seems however, he has since softened this stance, as has stated his intent in the manifesto to renew Trident. This may be too little too late for Jeremy, who has previously encouraged the idea of worldwide nuclear disarmament. The Tory’s have of course, taken advantage of this seemingly slight show of weakness. He now bears the burden as being known as a “threat to national security”. I’m all for the mans attitude to conflict, as a diplomatic solution inadvertently seems a much better option than the deaths of thousands of innocent lives, as has been the case in the Middle East. But there has to be a balance between diplomacy and the ability to deter any potential threat to our shores. A balance I feel Corbyn is yet to strike, and one that may prove his Achilles heel.

“End the worst excesses of the governments changes”

It’s this particular approach which pulled me to support of Corbyn from day one. Corbyn believes in a society where everybody contributes, and everybody benefits. Unfortunatley this has been distorted perfectly by the Tory spin doctors as a willingness to allow the lazy and bone idle to continue collecting benefit, whilst the rest of Britain works to fund this.

The superb craft that went into programmes such as “Benefit Street” on Channel 4, just further highlight the extent the establishment went to force this narrative down the throats of the Brittish public via the medium of television. It has worked wonders however. When you think “benefits”, you immediately think, can of special brew, dog on a lead, no teeth. This is the problem though. You don’t think of the thousands of disabled people, who had their Disabled Living Allowances slashed. An allowance which helps to fund the most basic of care, allowing the severley disabled to do the things me and you can do without any thought. Eat your breakfast, get changed, go out and start your day. The Tory’s robbed the most vunerable in our society of a right to a life. This disturbingly led to a spike in suicides, linked to the slashed benefits, as pressures of living on practically no funds, took it’s toll.

No matter which government is in charge, there is still going to be a small percentage who tar the reputation of decent human beings, needing a little support to get by. I mean, in one of the world richest nations, there is still a dependency on food banks. People having to visit centres as they simply can not afford to feed themselves. Is that acceptable? Is that fair? Whilst the top end of society stumble their trillions in unpaid taxes in some exotic island in the Caymens. Absolutely not.

Giving the NHS the care it requires

Another thing that seems to have slipped the mind of the British conscious, is the state of our beloved NHS. A subject that doesn’t seem to bother the beloved Secretary State of Health, Mr Jeremy Hunt. Mr Hunt in 2006 coincidentally co-authored a publication in 2005 calling for the National Health Service to be replaced with a private insurance system.. A system adopted by our “allies” the USA, where it costs on average $10,000 just to give birth.

That’s right. With our treasured NHS, you can whisk your other half into the hospital, witness the miracle that is the birth of your child, and head home with nothing but best wishes. If the Tory’s get their way, you’ll be ushered out, attempting to adjust not only to the biggest responsibility of your lifetime, but the worry of dealing with a 5 figure cost for the privilege. The fundamental principle of a Tory government is to make money by any means possible. Evidently eradicating free healthcare for the very people who’s interests it is meant to have at heart, is just another stomach turning proposal.

The NHS is embedded deep into the very tapestry of British social history. It’s a genetic part of our DNA. Other nations envy it, citizens plead for a model similar to ours. Admittedly some of our own people take it for granted, however attempting to work out if you can afford to go to the doctors is not something that would even cross their naive little minds. But it’s a reality we face under a Tory government.

How is all this going to be funded?

An attack rocking the Labour campaign trail admittedly is that of cost. Such an extensive overhaul of our society isn’t going to come without cost. But Corbyn’s approach is quite simple. He intends to raise £48.6bn in tax revenue.

This is no doubt greeted with Tory guffaws and chortles from the Tory backbenches, but that’s because in a nutshell it’s their mates who are due to suffer as a result. You’ll have no doubt seen the controversies surrounding tax evasions in recent years. From Facebook, to Jimmy Carr. Starbucks, to Gary Barlow. Well Corbyn is a man on a mission, to force those who deem it not compulsory to contribute to nation they operate in, to cough up.

It humours me that the Tory’s have borrowed more in 70 years than any Labour government. But have the audacity to brainwash the public that it is in fact Labour with an irresponsible attitude when it comes to public funding.

“They’re wasting your hard earned taxes on benefits for the lazy and unemployed”

Again, the Tory propaganda wheel spins in full force. We live in a time of great austerity, where David Cameron preached we need to live within our means. If living within your means is borrowing a further £1trillion then I need to stop budgeting at Aldi and head to Waitrose. If you break it down, is there really a “deficit”, or is this just another buzz word used during a sham of an election campaign, to hypnotize to their way of thinking.

Think of it this way. After World War 2. A WORLD WAR. A time where our country, our people, and economy, was fairly shagged. What did Clement Atlee’s Labour government do at that point. Did they tighten the purse? Did they prioritize reducing the deficit accumulated through war? No. They instead founded the National Health Service, built Council Houses, and introduced Social Welfare. They recognized their people needed them, and acted in their interests.

There are many things that can be said about Jeremy Corbyn both good and bad, but know for sure he would act in your interests.

Will he win?

As is stands, the gloomy realisation is that the Tory’s will potentially just edge it. The lack of time to put together a real concrete campaign, hasn’t helped. However Corbyn has captured the hearts and imaginations of the nation, as he travels town to town, stirring up huge crowds wherever he wanders. All whilst Theresa May remains concealed. No public debate, taking questions from journalists briefed by her media. It has been duly noted that the younger generations have been somewhat absent from recent elections. It has been reported over 75% of over 65’s will be descending on the polling stations, whereas just 42% of 18-24’s will be doing the same. Is it fair that an ageing population have a say on the future of young people in the country? I think not.

There’s one obvious solution. Vote. It literally takes 5 minute to register online at

Just think. You can either vote Conservative, or an Obi Wan Kenobi lookalike. No brainer.

Disclaimer: This was my first piece written in years. It will  gaps, it will contain errors.

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