Some may, or not be aware. But the name of The 23 Blog is actually not some randomly generated number. The name was carefully chosen as it my current age as the blog has been set up, 23.

There are many places people my age can head online for content these days. Most notably, and frustratingly, there are the likes of the LADBible. A site with no real substance. A site with clickbait, and rather simple banter. Nothing to really get the thoughts of young people going, or feelings stirred.

Now I’m not saying by any means that I’m here as some saviour of my generation, I’m just a guy who’s never really found anywhere online to share or read ideas of my peer group. Instead of regurgitating news stories, I like to read real stories of real people. I like to read things that are relevant to my age group. I like to read ideas that really make me stop and think.

Now I may be sadly mistaken, no doubt there may be some obscure blog or page that I seem to have missed that quells these very urges, but in their apparent absence o I’ve tried to create one myself.

To begin with, to get the site up and running and more accessible in the interim, there will be a random scattering of content, from things predominantly I am hold interests in. From footy, to MMA, to politics. I really want to grow this site into a place people my own age can come too, to pour over things that are important to them. Hopefully this will have some substance that engages them, as opposed to pouring over vines of Dabs and falling off kebab shop tables.

I want to get the views and opinions of people within our generation from a wide range of matters. Whether it’s the next UFC fight, the latest political developments, to stories of people’s adversity and how this has been overcome.

I hope I can create something accessible and enjoyable for all.


Ben Williams
EditorThe 23 Blog




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